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Application has to be submitted in Form1 for membership. Shop owners should submit the details of workers in his firm in Form 4 and submit it along with Form 1.The workers will have to submit two recent photographs and documents to prove their age. 2) Applicants for Maternity /Death Exgratio allowances should submit the associated birth/death certificate from the corresponding Registrar. The Maternity Allowance applicants will also have to submit their hospital discharge certificate.
3) Applicants for abortion allowance should submit doctors certificate from a Government recognized hospital
4) Applicants for marriage allowance will have to submit witness certificate (in proof of conduct of wedding ceremony) from the secretary /president/chairman of a public sector undertaking or MLA/MP/any gazetted officer/ authorized person from a community who has the privilege to register the marriage. In case of applications after marriage, marriage certificate can be submitted as evidence.
5) Applicants for Treatment allowance will have to submit illness certificate from a doctor (not lesser than the rank of an assistant surgeon in government service) along with the application.
6) Applicants for Education Allowance should submit certificate from the school headmaster/principal indicating the class/course and year of study of their children as well as income certificate from revenue authority along with the application.
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